LoopTranscript Service

Our specialist transcription service handles all recorded audio and video content in more than 160+ languages.

We deliver precise transcription from surveillance footage, telephone recordings, taped interviews, microphone recordings and other recorded content, and can supply verbatim transcriptions in the language of your audio or as an accurate English translation. Our quality assurance processes ensure the highest standards of accuracy – with accompanying affidavit supplied for any legal or court purposes, on request.

Our NAATI certified transcription professionals work both onsite and at third party locations. With many qualified both as interpreters and translators, we ensure exceptional attention to detail in recorded interactions to deliver greater certainty for clients.

Targeted and random quality checks are also a part of our established quality management framework, trusted by our national client base of
leading government and private businesses.

For more information on this service, please contact us or click ‘Online Translation Quote’ below to submit your request.