LanguageLoop Telephone Interpreting Services

Make the connection with our smart Loop technology.

LanguageLoop Telephone Interpreting lets your business speak 180+ more languages to talk to any customer anytime, and reach thousands more potential customers you haven’t reached yet.

Each day our LanguageLoop technology is helping more Australian businesses make the connection with our growing global community.

With products to suit any business, our Telephone Interpreting services range
from an essential link for small businesses through to custom lines and unlimited connections.

With the flexibility to match your business needs our range includes:

PhoneLoop Unlimited to give you and your customers’ total freedom to reach each other anytime with an interpreter already on the line, so you can get on with business.

PhoneLoop Line to give your business a direct line to an interpreter in less than a minute for most calls, whenever your customer service team needs help with a non-English or low English proficiency caller.

PhoneLoop Assist to provide an essential service connection for small businesses, schools, public organisations and individual practitioners with occasional needs.

All our LanguageLoop Telephone Interpreting products offer;

  • Easy set up
  • Seamless integration with existing platforms
  • Flexible custom service options
  • Competitive rates
  • Free usage and data report options
  • And much more

Available 24 hours a day, PhoneLoop Telephone Interpreting have been designed to suit customer contact centres, retail branches, individual practices or centralised business services.

To join the LanguageLoop and get on with business, call us or contact our Relationships specialists to discuss your LanguageLoop Telephone Interpreting needs.

We want to help businesses realise the potential of Australia’s increasingly diverse community, and discover with language, even more is possible.